Wednesday, 1 March 2017


My stay in the homeland has been really good this time! Have had friends to stay and the company has been good had no time to get bored! Also have been making friends here...
This year  was very fortunate, that my dear brother Luis and his wife Fernanda also came to Madeira from the mainland where he lives, so we had a get together with some of our cousins it was so lovely to have everyone here and we all had a lot to talk about remembering when as children our families used to get together like Christmas.

Once again my homeland has brought back a lot of good memories that I have been treasuring.

Thursday, 9 February 2017


Its been a month since Hubby and I arrived at the homeland, the weather has been good lots of sunshine although in the evenings the temperature drops somewhat but its expected after all its winter. We had friends Jennifer and Paul to stay they absolutely loved my Island....
We took them for a little sightseeing they absolutely adored Funchal, and Canical I think was one of their favourites.

We also tried Cabo Girao but there was a heavy mist so we could not see anything. I was surprised and shocked to see souvenirs shops, why do they have to spoil that lovely spot with shops, its not as if they were selling typical things, they had drums and bamboo flutes, what the hell is that all about!

Don't they realize that, they are spoiling our beautiful countryside!!!! Madeira has too many souvenirs shops lets not spoil our beauty spots  by introducing all this souvenir shops all over the place the countryside is too beautiful to spoil. with all that crap....Take care and look after the countryside its our duty to look after our patrimony we don't need all this shops springing all over the place and the tourists like me don't really appreciate it....

I come to my Madeira twice a year... Hubby and I are retired and we spend our money here so we are helping the economy, and I take great pride in sharing my Madeira with my friends....But I find it criminal at what is happening to our beauty spots, why do they have to commercialize it so!
Take the Fortress of Sao Tiago!!!Again took my friends there and we had to pay three euros each to see empty rooms with a few pictures on the walls!!! What happen to the Artefacts that was there a few years ago? And had lots more to see and we did not pay to enter...

Oh well that's my runt over!!!!

Thursday, 19 January 2017


It has been two weeks since hubby and I arrived in the homeland. We left our little house in Essex way a little worse for wear, that is we had really bad colds, within first week I was ok, but hubby took a little longer, but his feeling better now thank goodness was getting a little bored with my own company. But now we can go out and about Yesterday we entertained our friends from Belgium Eric and Noelia, really enjoyed the company.

Today am going to the market to get my fruit and vegetables, love going to the market! I know I can get veggies in the supermarket, but the open market is more interesting it reminds me of my childhood, going with  Mama... all the country folk selling their produce the sounds and the people, so nostalgic...

Tuesday, 10 January 2017


Arrived in the homeland three days ago, and so far it has not been great! But it is looking promising, I think we are turning a corner fingers cross, I feel a lot better and Hubby is feeling a lit better too...Really looking forward to getting about, visiting friends and so forth.
The weather has been good although a little windy, have to start walking, training so that my foot get stronger for the 5th of Feb which will be the next trek across the levadas..

Wishing you all a very good day, and may the sun shine on you all...

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

My life my family

Good morning my world!!!! I have always been happy in my world, after all I have my family and a lovely group of friends. My little darling is a joy to have around, and 2016 was a great year. Started 2016 in the homeland, my (((Madeira)))By February we are back home in Essex Way, then Mia and I went to Venice, that was quite an experience, simply beautiful....Not only did we visit Venice, a few months later we have another little jaunt to Barcelona loved every moment...

Then disaster strikes and I take a tumble, resulting in a broken ankle, so August was not so good. Spent 5weeks in plaster, made use of my time by reading which I love in October Hubby and I take another trip to the old homeland this time in a wheelchair and crutches, now I am on the mend still limping slightly but getting there slowly.

Now we are in 2017 and it did not start well, but with loads of faith an support we'll get there am sure. I am so blessed to have my family, love them to pieces andI am so lucky that I am finding more family that had been forgotten or should I say misplaced...I have always tried to keep in touch with my Auntie Mums sister, and now that they are both gone, I have the friendship of my cousins...Now am glad to say that I have also found my Mums Twin brother children... Am so happy to have my cousins back in my life.

On Friday I will find myself back in the old homeland....Looking forward to resume the acquaintance of my new found family....
Wishing you all a very healthy and happy 2017

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Walking the Essex way

Yesterday my friend and I walked to our favorite lake on a misty and frosty morning! First walk after Christmas and I really enjoyed the walk.... It was very atmospheric with the mist surrounding the lake.
Unfortunally it was to much for my friend, she had been nursing a cold all through Christmas and shes not walking today!!...I was hopping for another walk....I think I will go on my own, I could not sleep and have been awake since 2am so I need to clear my head....

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

A Christmas memory.

All that work! And its all over, Christmas is always something to look forward to, the gathering of family and friends, exchanging tokens of affection, the excitement of opening presents....The preparation of sweet things and the Christmas Lunch!!!

Now its only a memory! Did it really happen! Or is it a sweet memory of great times that hopefully our children and grandchildren will remember as I do with found memories.
of the laughter that I can still hear of all those past Christmas, of family getting together and that warm feeling of togetherness of belonging, feeling that we were loved.

I do try to keep that tradition alive, December is a month that takes me back to those happy times, of growing up in a home full of music and much love. Now Away from my Madeira and my dear parents long gone..
I hopped that my siblings and I would keep together and take it where our parents left of, but unfortunally it was not to be...My heart feels heavy with sadness. But I am lucky enough I do have my daughters and my little darling for me to love and be loved...

Happy New Year to you all