Monday, 23 April 2018

Walking the Essex way

At long last the weather is warming slowly I must say! we had a few days with scorching temperatures, my friend and I decided that we did not need jackets, so on Monday, we set off to the woods minus jackets, big mistake halfway to the woods we were shivering lol what happened to that lovely weather. But it was worth the discomfort the woods looked lovely with the bluebells in between trees and the birdsong it certainly made one feel warm.

As we walk along looking in the undergrowth hoping to find the early purple orchids, so after a while looking, my friend calls to me, Ana I found one come and look! and there it was, a lovely purple orchid we kept looking and found a few more, now we can go home happy. Now I know how the Victorian plant hunters felt. It is so exciting roaming through the woods and finding these exquisite wildflowers we do live in a charmed and amazing world...
Hawthorn blossom


wheat field




Early purple orchid

Early purple orchid

Wood anemone

Dog violet

Monday, 9 April 2018

Walking the Essex way

My friend Paula and I have been walking some of the footpaths of Essex way for twenty years, and we never get tired of the scenery before us. It is always a wonder of Gods creation.
I had a little change of the usual scenery, together with a group of friends Hubby and I traveled to North Devon to Ilfracombe a favorite in the Victorian and Edwardian periods with its private beaches certainly the most interesting are the tunnels, to the bathing beaches, most conveniently near the town center along subterranean tunnels leading to the beaches.
The rock pools at Tunnels beaches were made world famous in the Victorian time's thanks to Philip Henry Gosse the renowned Victorian biologist and friend of Charles Darwin, who discovered several new species here. In turn, thousands of tourists came to enjoy the bathing beaches shell collecting and rock pooling.
The rugged nature of the coastline and the tidal range allows access to very rare species on low tides.

I just love the history of Ilfracombe, I have read that in 1823 a team of Welsh miners hand carved through the cliffs and subsequently built three tidal pools, two for the ladies and one for the gentleman. The beaches were renamed Tunnels beaches. 
Prior to the carving of the tunnels the coves and caves were being used by smugglers, also De Tracey apparently took refuge in one of the caves after the murder of Thomas A Becket. Ilfracombe, are a must if you ever visit North Devon, I just loved the town and walking through  the tunnels coming out on the other side the rock formation the seaweed with the limpets also was surprised at the blake sand too, trully an amazing place.


Monday, 19 March 2018

Walking the Essex way

Have been back for just over two weeks and once again the temperature drops to below freezing.
It's hard to believe that we are in March, what is happening to our Planet? If it's not gale force winds its freezing snow. Hubby and I are going away for the Easter weekend I do hope that it's going to be a little warmer then!
My friend and I have been walking the footpaths around our village for 20 years we walk through the seasons although these days I do miss the best part of the winter as I go away to the old homeland. I do feel privileged to witness gods creation unfolding...

Friday, 9 March 2018

Walking the Essex way

After spending three months in the old homeland now am back in my little corner of Essex.
We left Madeira just at the right time, you see days before we were being blown about by dear Emma, and on that same day, Emma went into a crescendo, after we left, therefore, closing the Airport once again.
We arrived at Stanstead on Friday night in a blizzard very cold quite a blow to the system was thinking that we arrived just in time for me to take Photos of the countryside.
So decided that I'd walk on Sunday big mistake we were already on a thaw out, luckily still managed to take some pics, a week later and there is still snow about.
Yesterday my friend and I had one of our walks, this time we take to the old airfield, naughty I know we are not supposed to walk through this area, from here we take to the new footpath to the Polish Camp as we walk through the path in the woods we spotted some old buildings through the trees, so of course we have to go and have a closer look and we discover the old and abandoned war camp. Oh, my God, we look at each other in shock, how come we had not seen this before, It's not the first that we walked this way.
Canico Storm in Madeira

Reis magos raging sea

Footpath in Essex

My favorite lake still is frozen 

Woods to Polish camp

Wood to polish camp

Blast from the past

old building blast from the past

Was really eerie walking through these buildings of long ago 

I wonder! sleeping quarters or storage