Saturday, 8 February 2020

My Madeira

A few more days and my little darling will be here with us, have missed you all!
Two months is a long time to be away from my girls although it is nice to be back in the Homeland  the weather has been a little to hot for my liking, we come to Madeira in the supposedly winter months because I like the cooler temperatures but not this time we have had sun non stop for Feb its been 26 for me its a little too hot but hubby is lapping it up he loves going to the beach as soon the sun is up he is there! Well I like the shade and a good book amd am happy.
I do miss my little house in Essex way and the walks through the countryside but soon I'll be back and once again roaming the footpaths of Essex.
I must say I have had a few walks here and the Levadas are amazing with great views too!
But I still miss my Essex my girls my family and my friends but soon soon.

Saturday, 18 January 2020

My Madeira

Woken up feeling a little better this morning, although much too early as per usual.
Yesterday we had a beautiful hot summers day!
This Island of ours likes to be different, this morning the wind is blowing don't know yet how the day is going to unfold!
Early in the week hubby and I went exploring we left the house mid morning and the sun was shining but when we reach Ribeira Brava on the way to Paul da Serra we were met with rain and a thick must so not much to see.
We were kitted out with walking boots and water proofs ready for an adventure finding new footpaths but it did not happen!
So hubby kept driving and like it often does it cleared and we did have a little walk in Fanal but because of the unsetled weather we did not go far. That is a place that we will go back hopeffuly with better weather.
From there we carry on to Ribeira da Janela where we stop to admire the view and a snack, then back in the car all the way down to the seafront I must say had never visited this village before!
Once again back in the car and we were supposed to have another stop on the way back, but by then I was feeling a little sick so we went straight home! 

In all a very pleasant day shame that I felt sick and have been under the weather for the rest of the week, but looks like that am feeling a lot better this morning! fingers cross it'll stay that way.

Saturday, 11 January 2020

MY Madeira

Yes once again I find myself here in my little corner of paradise, as my Dad used to tell us when we were children.
He used to say that we were very lucky to live here on this Island in the middle of the Atlantic that we were safe!
Of course we wondered what it would be like to live somewhere else specially when we saw the tourists speaking an alien language!
And years later we did go to other countries and settled! I for one have lived in my little corner of Essex where my girls were born and where we still live.
Of course we come to Madeira for a little stay and memories came flooding in. We still have the house were we were all born and that's where the memories are kept in every little corner and crevice of the property!
If I close my eyes I can still see, hear us laughing hear the music, my lovely funny Dad teaching us sounds and there presto! we had a home made orchestra! So much fun so many memories of a privileged childhood.
Yes indeed my lovely Dad was right we did live in a little corner of Paradise! My Madeira has changed but it still holds its magic.
Take care out there!
Hugs from across the Atlantic.

Friday, 27 December 2019

After Christmas at Essex way

Feeling restless!
Been awake since 3 got up at 4 tried to switch my laptop but it just keeps twirling and does not want to come on lol.
Christmas has passed and now we are going towards the new year. 2019 was quite eventful!
After living in our home for 30years Hubby decides that we are going to have an extension to our house, to start with I was all for it and after 2 years of stress I was ready to throw in the towel but Hubby was determined and he would not give up.
We found a builder (((Dagan Mansworth)))that we could trust, lucky for us he dealt with the council and quickly things started moving! It was good that he lived in our street, he himself was having an extension to his house.
So we knew that we could rely on him. Now we have a more spacious downstairs with an added downstairs toilet shower room. The garden does look a little different too!
The pergola has gone, but Hubby did put the lin-to back up with a decking, he worked non stop bless him! And we were ready for Christmas.
Looking forward to summer so that we can enjoy our new garden.
Happy 2020 to you all.

A Christmas memory.

All that work! And its all over! Christmas Is always something to look forward too, the gathering of family and friends, exchanging tokens of affection, the excitement of opening presents.....The preparation of sweets things and the Christmas Lunch!!!
Now its only a memory! Did it really happen! Or is it a sweet memory, of great times that hopefully our children and grandchildren will remember as I do with found memories.
Of the laughter that I can still hear of all those past Christmas of family getting together and feeling that we belonged, that we were loved....I do try to keep that tradition alive, December is a month of nostalgia for me.
That's when I start baking and my house has the warmest feeling,
of my childhood, the scent of spices fills the whole house, and it takes me right back to my childhood, of my lovely Mum and my wonderful Dad the house was brimming with love and music.
Oh sweet memories........

Wednesday, 18 December 2019

Walking the Essex way at Christmas

7 days to Cristmas and am nearly there! Hubby done the decking, now his laying the floor in the new build, it is hard going but he just keeps going like a good trouper, he will not stop until its all done.

Boris kept saying get Brexit done! LOL!!! With Hubby its get the new build done hahaha. Am just here making the tea and making my not so welcome coments :-(
Really looking forward for when its all done, it has been a big mountain to climb!

Hubby does not do well with all of this, he likes everything done yesterday! Manhana is not in his vocabulary it's not a word that he likes, LOL!!! sometimes I ask him why the hurry? Things will get done just the same! But he just rushes through like a bull in a china shop he wants it done and get it over with.

Today he'll be  fitting the floor in the new seating room I'll be making the tea and keeping my thoughts to myself!  I think I'll make a few more cookies it'll keep me busy and out of his way.

This morning am just waiting for daylight for my walk with my friend Paula I need the fresh air in my lungs even the muddy fields does not deter us enjoying the countryside, walking through the seasons we can appreciate what we have right by our doorstep!

Sometimes we are lucky to get a glimpse of a deer or hare and even manage to take a photo other times they take off as soon we lift our cameras! I just love nature even when our feet gets so clogged up and heavy the mud..

Monday, 9 December 2019

Walking the Essex way at Christmas

Busy busy! Christmas is looming and yesterday I have posted the presents and Christmas cards

It was a lot of work but it was done with love for those that are close to me.

Keep an eye open my darlings Father Christmas will be knocking on your door.

With a little bit of love from me.

My way of sharing my Christmas with the family.

Like the day's when we all got together! I miss those happy gatherings.

The laughter the singing the hugging oh! lordy lord better pack this in am a blabbering wreck now!

This won't do!

Merry Christmas to me to you and us all.