Saturday, 28 July 2018

Walking the Essex way

Jully has been very hot, and according to the weather forecast, August is going to be just as hot.
When walking through the countryside one can see the wheat and the barely was quickly ripening much too early due to the lack of rain, and it's very unusual for the harvest to be this early, already the harvest has started the machinery are awesome, I just love to look at that expanse of gold. The heat has been intense reaching highs of 35centigrads or more the garden has been suffering somewhat.

The last time I remember temperatures like this were in June 1976 when I was expecting my first child, and I just cannot cope with all this heat. When one is young its lovely seating and catching the rays, and getting a deep tan I remember when going back to the old homeland my Island, my Madeira, the place where I was bourne that's what I used to do but now with inner heat as well I just find it difficult to cope with all this water that my body is producing.

Now we are going into August and once again I'll be going to the old homeland, unusual for me I tend to go in the winter when we have milder temperatures, I like to be here in the summer to tend to my garden and the few vegetables that I like to grow, but this year I and a few friends are meeting up in Madeira for a get together really looking forward to seeing them even though I'll be pouring water like a waterfall (((LOL))) I must be mad but hey ho it'll be worthed I hope!

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Walking the Essex way

The heat has been unbearable my friend and I still do our walks early in the morning, it is always a little cooler when we start, we tend to meet up at 6am so that we can be back home by 9am.
Last week I was very unlucky would you believe it a dog bit me. lol and the owner did not even bat an eyelid he just called the dog and went on his way, even when my friend shouted at him that his dog had bitten me so that same day I end up at the Doctors for a Tetanus injection and a course of antibiotics.
Then two days later in my garden while watering my plants I get bitten once again, this time from a tinny little beetle, and yes once again the next day back at the Doctors with a swollen arm.
They say that these things happen in threes so now am waiting with bated breath for the next mishap.

I can't believe that I've agreed to go to the old Homeland in August for the whole month it's the height of the summer and I know am going to suffer from the heat what with my power surges and all, but it will be nice to see my friends from Canada and of course my cousin and her husband will be there too.....


Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Walking the Essex way

Yesterday's walk was quite eventful. Met up with my friend at her house. Then we took the footpath that runs parallel to both lakes, there was a slight breeze a lot better than the day before, a little cooler it made the walk quite pleasant.
We like to take pics of insects so, for the best part of our walk we are on our knees, we look quite a sight with bums in the air trying to get a good angle, just as well we go walking so early in the morning, no one about.
So we decide that its time to go back home. We are quite happy with what we have photographed.
On the way like many times before we came across a dog walker, nothing strange about that, we meet many people along our walks and we never have had any issues with any dog or dog owner but this time was quite a shock when this dog runs up to us all excited and we don't think that anything is wrong, until when I turn to carry on walking he comes and bites the back of my leg, and the stupid owner did not even apologise. Least to say I ended up at the Doctors for a tetanus injection and a course of antibiotics.
But am still walking and looking forward to tomorrow for another walk along the footpaths of Essex way.

Monday, 18 June 2018

Walking the Essex way

Yesterday my friend and I walked towards the gravel works, on the way we were able to take some ok pics.
First, we had the bindweed with droplets of water, then we get quite excited when we spot a pyramid orchid we were wondering the other day if we were going to find any, so now we are happy, from then on things improve, even though it was quite a grey morning but the scenery was, as always quite impressive.
It is always fun watching the hares charging around the fields, of course, the wildflowers always light the way. Oh, my friend and I had our first taste of the cherries which are now ripening and they were quite delicious.
The gravel lake with the swans the trees and the scented mint looks great we love seating here, watching the wildlife. Such a shame that all of this will be gone when the dreaded road will be built across  our beautiful countryside.

Sunday, 17 June 2018

Walking the Essex way

My friend and I are still walking the footpaths of Essex way, I know I have not been writing much about our adventures lately but have been a little too busy.
We are quite worried my friend Paula and I with all the houses that are going to be built on our neck of the woods, the footpaths that we walk through, will be no more.
Our Village at the rate it's going! won't be a village for much longer, and our beloved footpaths will be gone.

Saturday, 19 May 2018

Walking the Essex way

I don't feel very well!  Yesterday I felt so cold and so sad I just don't know why I felt so sad, I have my daughters and my little darling and I should feel happy enough but I miss my family my sisters we are all separated either by distance or by other problems and I feel that I am living in limbo.
My elder sister for some reason distanced herself from the rest of the family she says that she has her family but are we, not family also! I just don't understand her way of thinking.
Now I hear that she has had a stroke while visiting her daughter in Washington, life is so short and I feel that we have lost so much time being apart, I wonder if she feels the same way.
My friend and I walk through the footpaths of Essex way, and while am doing that I don't think much about what I have lost.... Then I hear that my sister had a stroke and all the sadness that I feel comes to the forefront.   

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Walking the Essex way

My friend and I have once again been walking in the footpaths around our village, some day's we walk for a couple of hours and other day's we just keep going. We tend to lose track of time especially now that the weather is warming up.
No walking for us today though! It is raining and I suppose just as well I really need to rest my foot, last week I've sprained it while walking and yesterday it was aching somewhat so am taking it easy today.
Yesterday we had a great walk first we spot a buzzard, took a pic too, but too far and as we walk on we came across a Hare they don't stay long in one spot but still managed to click the camera before it took off, also saw a muntjac again a little too far! And then to our surprise, we saw a Roe deer so Paula and I drop to our knees so that we won't be too conspicuous and there we stood in awe, of course not forgetting to click our cameras.
We are in our element so far so good we walk on to the lake, the residing swans are nesting let's hope they'll have better luck this year, last year they started with seven cygnets and ended up with just one, and even that one seemed to have disappeared so fingers crossed.
As we move one we decide to go into the wood next to the lake there is a lot of trees laying down with exposed roots by the water edge it looks almost Jurassic! Yes, Paula and I like to fantasise (((lol))) saw a baby squirrel it was so funny as he was climbing up the tree he falls in the water.
Now we have been walking and taking pictures for three hours so its time to head back home but as usual, there is always something else that attracts our attention, like a dragonfly and other insects!
So four hours later I arrive home dragging my feet. Just as well no walking for us today.