Saturday, 22 September 2012

Home grown

Yesterday Luis and I picked the last of the borlotti beans,
We also picked a few tomatoes,The weather has turned, its getting chilly
Borlotti beans,and tomatoes
I hope the rest of the tomatoes will ripen.


Mo said...

Our borlotti beans have put on a poor show this year. I resorted to a second sowing in the polytunnel and they are coming along well, but not ready to pick yet.

ana said...

Hi Mo I've managed to pick 7 klgs from mine thats the only thing that did well.

Martyn said...

I'm hoping our tomatoes will ripen in the greenhouse before they get frosted. I've never had any success with borlotti beans - maybe I should try again.

ana said...

Yes I thing you should, good luck for next season.