Sunday, 15 May 2016

Walking the Essex way

I feel so lucky and privileged  to be able to walk through the Essex pathways, through the woods with the sweet music of a hundred tiny voices reaching a crescendo, playing as we go along at least that's what it feels like with the chorus of hundred voices...

Early this week my friend and I walked to what we call our Jurassic woods, right next to it there is this lake where a carpet of mint fills our nostrils, as we walk along all you can smell is mint in a few weeks time its going to look so different, the mint will have grown a lot taller and the insects buzzing, one needs to be there to smell the scented air its intoxicating.

Of course Paula and I don't just take photos of the lake! We have to go investigate, we go into the woods and what a sight awaited us it looked like a forgotten world, where no man had been there for centuries....we walked in sometimes we had to practically crawl in the undergrowth, if anyone was looking they would've thought we were mad perhaps we are (((LOL)))

We see trees in the edge of the lake laying down as if having a rest with its roots exposed, and again the sweet smell of mint as we walk along the edge of the lake with the sound of the birds it feels so magical!!!! Oh my!!!!  I just remembered  there was this time when we found a handbag and a wallet with all the cards in it, when we looked at it the cards were still in date...

So you would never believe it, Paula has to call the police and tell them all about it! So they say for us to bring it into the station if we were that worried,,,Hahahah it was so funny walking along the country lanes with this red handbag covered in mud it must've been in the lake and when the water receded it was left in the bank.....  The scraps that she gets me into! Sometimes we walk through nettles and brambles hence the strong hiking boots anything less would not do, and when I say you not thinking of going through there are you? She say's just look on it as an adventure.....


  1. Oh yes, me get you into adventures? Yes I do, but you are willing to come along. Just think of all the fun we have and the things we see. Who knows what will happen tomorrow when the sun comes up. Great write up my dear friend. :-)

  2. You are right there my friend I would not miss the lovely adventures.....Cannot wait for the next one...hahah