Wednesday, 4 January 2017

My life my family

Good morning my world!!!! I have always been happy in my world, after all I have my family and a lovely group of friends. My little darling is a joy to have around, and 2016 was a great year. Started 2016 in the homeland, my (((Madeira)))By February we are back home in Essex Way, then Mia and I went to Venice, that was quite an experience, simply beautiful....Not only did we visit Venice, a few months later we have another little jaunt to Barcelona loved every moment...

Then disaster strikes and I take a tumble, resulting in a broken ankle, so August was not so good. Spent 5weeks in plaster, made use of my time by reading which I love in October Hubby and I take another trip to the old homeland this time in a wheelchair and crutches, now I am on the mend still limping slightly but getting there slowly.

Now we are in 2017 and it did not start well, but with loads of faith an support we'll get there am sure. I am so blessed to have my family, love them to pieces andI am so lucky that I am finding more family that had been forgotten or should I say misplaced...I have always tried to keep in touch with my Auntie Mums sister, and now that they are both gone, I have the friendship of my cousins...Now am glad to say that I have also found my Mums Twin brother children... Am so happy to have my cousins back in my life.

On Friday I will find myself back in the old homeland....Looking forward to resume the acquaintance of my new found family....
Wishing you all a very healthy and happy 2017

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