Thursday, 9 February 2017


Its been a month since Hubby and I arrived at the homeland, the weather has been good lots of sunshine although in the evenings the temperature drops somewhat but its expected after all its winter. We had friends Jennifer and Paul to stay they absolutely loved my Island....
We took them for a little sightseeing they absolutely adored Funchal, and Canical I think was one of their favourites.

We also tried Cabo Girao but there was a heavy mist so we could not see anything. I was surprised and shocked to see souvenirs shops, why do they have to spoil that lovely spot with shops, its not as if they were selling typical things, they had drums and bamboo flutes, what the hell is that all about!

Don't they realize that, they are spoiling our beautiful countryside!!!! Madeira has too many souvenirs shops lets not spoil our beauty spots  by introducing all this souvenir shops all over the place the countryside is too beautiful to spoil. with all that crap....Take care and look after the countryside its our duty to look after our patrimony we don't need all this shops springing all over the place and the tourists like me don't really appreciate it....

I come to my Madeira twice a year... Hubby and I are retired and we spend our money here so we are helping the economy, and I take great pride in sharing my Madeira with my friends....But I find it criminal at what is happening to our beauty spots, why do they have to commercialize it so!
Take the Fortress of Sao Tiago!!!Again took my friends there and we had to pay three euros each to see empty rooms with a few pictures on the walls!!! What happen to the Artefacts that was there a few years ago? And had lots more to see and we did not pay to enter...

Oh well that's my runt over!!!!

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