Wednesday, 18 December 2019

Walking the Essex way at Christmas

7 days to Cristmas and am nearly there! Hubby done the decking, now his laying the floor in the new build, it is hard going but he just keeps going like a good trouper, he will not stop until its all done.

Boris kept saying get Brexit done! LOL!!! With Hubby its get the new build done hahaha. Am just here making the tea and making my not so welcome coments :-(
Really looking forward for when its all done, it has been a big mountain to climb!

Hubby does not do well with all of this, he likes everything done yesterday! Manhana is not in his vocabulary it's not a word that he likes, LOL!!! sometimes I ask him why the hurry? Things will get done just the same! But he just rushes through like a bull in a china shop he wants it done and get it over with.

Today he'll be  fitting the floor in the new seating room I'll be making the tea and keeping my thoughts to myself!  I think I'll make a few more cookies it'll keep me busy and out of his way.

This morning am just waiting for daylight for my walk with my friend Paula I need the fresh air in my lungs even the muddy fields does not deter us enjoying the countryside, walking through the seasons we can appreciate what we have right by our doorstep!

Sometimes we are lucky to get a glimpse of a deer or hare and even manage to take a photo other times they take off as soon we lift our cameras! I just love nature even when our feet gets so clogged up and heavy the mud..

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