Saturday, 23 January 2021

 Walking the Essex Way

We all have been living under this cloud of uncertainty, our lives being put on hold I wonder how much i can cope with this nightmare. This time of the year we find ourselves in Madeira, but now we are stuck in lockdown not able to see family and friends I miss my girls and my little darling miss the hugs.

Thank goodness for the countryside! My walks in the morning keeps me going, I used to walk with my friend Paula but now I find myself roaming the countryside on my own! At least for a couple of hours I don't think or worry how sick our world is.

Hubby has had the vaccine on Tuesday now he'll have to wait for the second jab. I'll have to wait for mine I wonder when that will be! 

Looks very cold was my intension to go on one of my walks but this morning I just could not motivate myself .....

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