Saturday, 5 December 2015


Now that we had two children it wasn't so easy walking up market hill I did try a couple of times but decided that it was too much like hard work not enough space for the shopping.

So on Saturday's Hubby took us shopping that was not one  his favourite things to do specially with a toddler and a new-born since I was the one doing that before, so he decides that I have to learn to drive and that was it he never did any shopping again...

So glad that he made me learn to drive.... so had driving lessons hubby took me out a few times, still remember the shouting when I did something wrong ((( lol))).... I had the car during the day, because he worked close to home he only needed a push bike to get to work,  I had the car at my disposal in the day time because in the evenings he went to his evening job.

Hubby never did any shopping again, that was my job as well as taking the girls for swimming lessons ballet and anything that involved taking two not so quiet children out, I suppose because he worked two jobs he wasn't willing to help so I did it all and let him make all the decisions, so when it came a time that I wanted to do things my way or buy something he always queried, why I did this or that and even when I went back to work and earned my own money he still told  me what to do it was so annoying....

Now I have two girls at school.... and I still did field work this time it was grape picking that was a muddy affair, but still fun and earned me a few pounds to buy Christmas presents for the girls, and would you believe it I even done Turkey plucking in December must say that wasn't one of my favourites jobs but I went back the following day and everyday until it was over by the end of that job my fingers were raw....

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  1. Hi Ana - well done on the piece work ... working muddy fields, or plucking turkeys - both tough back-breaking work. Still as you say - you had a bit of choice for yourself ... Cheers Hilary