Thursday, 10 December 2015

Walking the Essex way

One of the most exciting things in my life this days are my lovely granddaughter, and my walks with my friend Paula.

We used to work together.... its quite funny looking back, I was off sick recovering from an operation when Paula started working at Tyco and she kept hearing my name from a co-worker and she says that he kept saying that things would be better when I got back that he missed me, and she was getting worried about meeting this so wonderful person ha! ha! (((her words not mine)))

So the day arrives and I am back at work and there I met Paula, everyone was talking but Paula was very quiet and waiting to see if I was that brilliant, like my admirer said I was she says hello I am Paula I live in Silver End Robert says that you live there to, I say yes that's where I live and carried on working she went very quiet... she say's later that she thought I wasn't very friendly.

Of course when she got to know me better she knew that I was okay really. It just takes me a little time to get to know how the land lies and then I can be a friend for life, and that's what Paula and I became very good friends,

We used to laugh so much because you see my admirer the very innocent Robert did everything for me, like getting whatever i needed all I had to do was call him and say Roberto can you get me this and Roberto can you get me that and he used to go get it with great pleasure and Paula used to say he fancy's you Ana, I enjoyed the attention after all I was twenty years older than him lol.....

Anyway going back to the walks and how Paula and I started walking the Essex way.
After coming back from a weekend away visiting my sister and her family in Poole (((Dorset)))
I arrive at work excited how I had enjoyed that weekend and that we had this brilliant walk in the Jurassic coast and how I would love to do more walking but had no one to walk with, and Paula say's I like walking to and that's how our walking history started.


  1. Hi Ana - great to meet friends like Paula - and to have that hobby-passion of a good long walk ... just what we all need .. and now the grandchildren with you at times too ...

    The Jurassic coast is amazing isn't it .. but the Essex coast is full of history and lore .. cheers Hilary

  2. Hi Hilary thank you for reading my blog.....Take care Ana....

  3. Hi Hilary thank you for reading my blog.....Take care Ana....