Thursday, 28 January 2016


Sometime ago I started writing about my memories. I have mentioned  before that we were a very happy and close family or so I  thought, everything went wrong since my dear sister Dulce left us, it left a great void in my life even after 10 years I still feel this great loss.

Then for no reason that I know of my other sister distanced herself from me and it left me empty with so much sorrow that at times it was so hard to bear.
She comes to the Homeland on holiday like us and stays up the road from me and everyday comes down with her husband and they walk on the promenade, but not once does she knock on my door to say hi or such like.

Last week we went to my cousins funeral and there she was, we talked no problem there, so I said on the 13 of Feb the family are coming for lunch at mine I would like you both to come she looks at me and says, will see, what kind of answer is that.... Well we certainly will see I have a feeling that she won't come. What has happened to my family....where have they gone? Thank goodness I have the rest of my family...


Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Ana - families! Still at least you've asked her to the family lunch .. and let's hope they do come. All the best - Hilary

ana said...

Bless you Hilary.... take care