Sunday, 9 October 2016

Broken bones

Now we have arrived to the moment when the cast is being removed. Yay! It has been a nightmare not to be out and about, missed my walks and the adventures that Paula and I have, its never dull when we go walking through the paths and fields of Essex way.
We are a bit naughty at times, when we try to venture through overgrown paths some of wish are not really a footpath at all, but that's what makes it exciting to go through to the unknown.

I remember, when we went through this dense wood, that at times we had to crawl on our knees to reach the other side, and then we arrive at this almost Jurassic lake, with very old trees laying down with the roots exposed but still alive it felt so magical.
It was on that day, that we found a handbag on the side of the lake, and Paula being a crime writer started thinking about dead bodies! Hahah... but there was no dead bodies just a bag covered in mud, someone must have thrown it in the lake, when we looked through we found credit cards and others.

So being law abiding citizens Paula phoned the police saying that we had found this bag worrying that someone might be missing ie dead! quite an imagination I know! But as I said Paula is a crime writer, so the police tells Paula to drop it off at the police station, lol It was so funny Paula walking along with this filthy bag... So we get to her house and she gets her car keys, and off we go to the police station. we hand the bag over and the policeman say's that most people would just throw it in the garbage, and he say's that the cards the would've been cancelled anyway and no one was missing....

As you can see our walks are never dull
I wonder what we will find when I am on my feet again and walking the Essex way

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