Sunday, 23 October 2016


Well good morning, looks like the weather has changed...Arrived in Madeira on the 12th of October to very hot weather. My girls were very happy because they wanted to relax on the seaside and my little darling Jaylee loved going to Machico for the sandy beach, now they have gone back home.
Hubby and I now are enjoying the peace, it was quite chaotic having a full house if it wasn't for my bad leg it would've been more enjoyable!  But it was lovely being together its not very often that we are all together as a family in Madeira.

Now the weather has changed its raining and very windy, I think Autumn has arrived in Madeira, am sure the locals will be pleased... They had a scorching summer and rain is really needed to quench the dry earth. Yesterday I surprised myself by walking down to the promenade to meet my new friends for a drink. Was so pleased with myself still limping but getting there slowly.
So looking forward to walking the levadas once again! Hopefully when we come back in the new year my leg will be healed... For the moment I have to be happy seeing the scenery by car....

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