Sunday, 27 November 2016

Walking the Essex Way

Its been two weeks since Hubby and I arrived back to our little house in Essex way... The foot is getting stronger Paula and I started walking once again it had been a long time since we walked the footpaths of Essex way...So far we have done two walks and it has crippled me somewhat, but one has to persevere after all I had been sitting on my butt with my leg up for sometime.

On Saturday I went to a Christmas and food fayre with Miacarla not brilliant but it was okay, to be honest did not really find anything that I wanted except for food, bought some interesting sausages and cheese, oh and fudge it was yummy anyway it was something to do....

Today just taking it easy with Hubby... Tomorrow will be back walking really had missed my walks, so pleased that there is still so much Autumn color out there, its lovely to be back into a routine walks in the morning and then house work
Local Park

American lake. The locals call it the front pit 

it really sets me up for the day, am hopping that my feet will get stronger! Next week I'll be going to London for my friends Paula new anthology launch....Its always exciting to be there amongst all those interesting people. 

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