Sunday, 4 December 2016

London outing.

Yesterday we visited London for a launch of an Anthology a selection of short stories Published by Bridge House....My friend Paula short story was one of the selected, (((The glass slipper Company)))
I loved being there it was so interesting listening and talking to the other authors.

This is the third time that we go to these. And am so pleased for Paula, so far she has had 10 short stories published. The last one was last year  in Cafelit 5.....Paula also has written 3 novels but she's till waiting for that break which am sure won't be long.

So yesterday we got all together that is Paula Her other half Russell who is very supportive bless him. her friend Joan and I..... we all went to London for the launch, but first we had lunch in a London Pub....In all it was a great day, even though I was not feeling very well.... really I should've been tucked in bed with a hot water bottle...But am glad that I went.....

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