Saturday, 17 December 2016

A Christmas memorie

December for me is a month of nostalgia! It takes me back to my childhood. My little house in Essex way is smelling just like the house of my early years in my Madeira, the house that I and my siblings grew up, the scent of cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg and black treacle, permeates the whole house.

I can just see my Mama baking all the goodies for Christmas, first the cookies, I remember we had to help, rolling little balls ready to go in the oven, then came the cakes mama measuring the ingredients into a big basin, no electric mixers like I use, she had to do it all by hand.
Once again the scent of baking, and one can smell it for miles, because every house in the neighbourhood is also baking for Christmas.

Now its my turn and it gives me a lot of pleasure, to keep the tradition going, I know that my girls and their cousins love Vavo's  cookies and it gives me great pleasure to send them to the family, a little token of a time when we all felt loved... I hold this memory in my heart locked like a precious jewel .

So now my house feels and smells just like Mamas. The house

 smells heavenly, the scent of spices so heady its intoxicating, and that's how I remember Christmas.
I hope that one day my babies will have the same similar memories.
Whishing you all a very happy December and I hope that you all have been very good, because Father Christmas is taking requests at moment..... So place your order wisely...

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