Saturday, 8 April 2017

(((Madeira))) plus walking the Essex way

Been back from the Homeland three weeks now! I loved being there and had a really good time with friends coming to visit it was as if I had never left home, but with a different scenery.

We took our friends sight seeing to Pico Ruivo  we even had a walk down the path so that we could take our photos it was a lovely day, my friend Paula loved the mountains, quite a different terrain that we are used to, from there Hubby drove to Ribeiro frio where we stopped for lunch of course it had to be a picnic surrounded by trees. And the last stop was a walk to Balcons miradouro, and then home.

It would've been nice to walk a little farther but I was a little worried just in case I had trouble getting back after all my foot is still adjusting to the walking. Now I am back home and making great progress, foot is getting stronger having resumed my walking through our beautiful footpaths, and the countryside is beautiful  spring is on its way...

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