Sunday, 8 October 2017

Walking the Essex way.....

Been back from Portugal for a little while now...My lovely brother was so welcoming and I loved being there, but home is where the heart is, I just love my home and the Village is tucked away from all the terrible things that is happening out there, or so it seems!
We have the most amazing countryside specially now that Autumn is upon us.

My friend Paula and I have discovered a new footpath, its always exciting to take a new route sometimes we are very naughty and have to cut across the field because we took a wrong turning, if only the farmer could see us running to get to the other side laughing!!! I am always scared that we are going to get caught and told off.... hahah my friend is always telling me don't worry when I tell her, perhaps we shouldn't go that way we might get told off...And she say's just look on it as an adventure and so that's what it feels like when we go on our walks, just as well we have sturdy walking boots because we walk through nettles, brambles of course with my intrepid friend leading the way.

There was this  time when we ventured into the woods to explore, don't think anyone had been through them for quite some time it was thick with brambles fallen trees by the side of the lake, it looked almost Jurassic, forgotten....Its quite funny now when I think about it, Paula in front with a tree branch beating a way through the brambles, and at times we had to crawl under a tree to get through. And hours later we arrive home disheveled but feeling quite happy that we had another memorable walk and an adventure....Now looking forward to the next walk and hopefully another path to be discovered.....


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