Sunday, 22 October 2017

Walking the Essex way

Feeling sad! Received news that brother in law has passed away, a sad end to a sad life....He was married to my beautiful sister, she too has passed away sometime ago! But I still feel her loss like it was yesterday....Their marriage was a turbulent one he was a very jealous man so that did not make a good partnership. But I must say when my lovely sister was struck with a terrible illness he did look after her, so for that I thank him.
He was left on his own although he had a daughter and grandchildren but again they did not know how to communicate so he was left to his own devices, drinking far too much, living at the old Homestead where  he carried on living, He must've had a stroke, my brother found him he had been on the kitchen floor for nearly two days, he was still breathing but he did not make it. Am hopping that he and his daughter had made peace.
My daughters were really upset when I told them that uncle Alberto had died he was very good with children and they remember him with great fondness....So sad to think that he was on his own when it all happened, but at least he was able to make peace with his family....

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