Monday, 18 June 2018

Walking the Essex way

Yesterday my friend and I walked towards the gravel works, on the way we were able to take some ok pics.
First, we had the bindweed with droplets of water, then we get quite excited when we spot a pyramid orchid we were wondering the other day if we were going to find any, so now we are happy, from then on things improve, even though it was quite a grey morning but the scenery was, as always quite impressive.
It is always fun watching the hares charging around the fields, of course, the wildflowers always light the way. Oh, my friend and I had our first taste of the cherries which are now ripening and they were quite delicious.
The gravel lake with the swans the trees and the scented mint looks great we love seating here, watching the wildlife. Such a shame that all of this will be gone when the dreaded road will be built across  our beautiful countryside.

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