Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Walking the Essex way

Yesterday's walk was quite eventful. Met up with my friend at her house. Then we took the footpath that runs parallel to both lakes, there was a slight breeze a lot better than the day before, a little cooler it made the walk quite pleasant.
We like to take pics of insects so, for the best part of our walk we are on our knees, we look quite a sight with bums in the air trying to get a good angle, just as well we go walking so early in the morning, no one about.
So we decide that its time to go back home. We are quite happy with what we have photographed.
On the way like many times before we came across a dog walker, nothing strange about that, we meet many people along our walks and we never have had any issues with any dog or dog owner but this time was quite a shock when this dog runs up to us all excited and we don't think that anything is wrong, until when I turn to carry on walking he comes and bites the back of my leg, and the stupid owner did not even apologise. Least to say I ended up at the Doctors for a tetanus injection and a course of antibiotics.
But am still walking and looking forward to tomorrow for another walk along the footpaths of Essex way.

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