Monday, 24 September 2018

Walking the Essex way

Summer has been awesome and the garden did very well I even managed to grow my Portuguese Aboarinha, (((Courgettes))) and the grapes full bunches of juicy berries, sweet too!
My friend Paula and I have resumed our walks through the countryside already see signs of Autumn to come.
I have already started  preparing the garden for the winter getting plants cleaned up and set them aside to store for the winter, it is going to be quite a job trying to find places in my little greenhouse and wrapping them, The big Plants will be stored in the shed of course hubby will have a moan saying that i have too many plants bla bla...
Anyway am looking forward to Autumn the colours, I love spring but I think Autumn is my favourite. My friend and I walk the same footpaths through the seasons and we are always amazed at what we see Nature at its best, and the best part is we have it all right by our door, only have to walk down the street and there it is! our amazing countryside.

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