Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Walking the Essex way

I have a heavy heart! I just don't know what is happening to my once close family, since my lovely Sister Dulce passed away it all went apeshit! First, my elder sister decides that her family is her daughters and grandchildren and by all her thinking we are not part of her life anymore when asked why her answer is you have your family and I have mine, but I don't understand her reasoning I miss our get-togethers the laughter.
Was in the Homeland for the month of August and so was she, but I felt so sad knowing that she was only up the road, even her brother in law that was visiting the homeland also and staying with them thought it odd that when they were very near my house on one of their outings she did not make an effort or even mention my name how sad is that.
Now my other Sister whom I adore has a bee in her bonnet too. You see she writes, from the beginning I have been very supportive, but now she's going off me too always finding fault when, or if I forget to mention or make a comment on F/B of her poems come short stories, I always try to have a read and give a review when I see it. Last time we were talking on messenger and she mentions That she's editing and printing and because we were talking about other things in between so I forget to mention what she said at the start, we were talking about cooking our dinner's and so forth, then she says that she has to go to the kitchen and we say our goodbyes nothing wrong there, or so I thought! A few minutes later she comes back with,

(((((Why is it! When I say am editing and printing you say fuck all.... Have you joyned all the others.... No coments to be made!  You avoid talking about it!! Why's it that....Don't you think I'd like, to know what you think!! Everyone has joyned the band wagon!! Silence))))

I have always supported her and now she put my loyalty into question! None of the family read her stories and that is eating at her like an illness and I do feel for her! but I can only answer for me. And this is making me so sad and depressed. Oh why!! oh why!


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