Sunday, 5 April 2020

Walking the Essex way.

Our planet is sick very sick! We must listen to the experts and stay away from crowds stay home, but they also advise that we must keep healthy and do the necessary excersie to keep body and soul together at this difficult times!
The hardest thing for me is not seeing my family and friends! My girls and my little darling! I miss you all so much my heart aches for you!
Being at home is not a hardship for me! Hubby and I do keep ourselves busy in the garden.
And of course there is the open countryside where I always have felt happy exploring with my friend Paula, unfortunately at the moment we are not walking together.
This morning I had my regular walk I am very lucky to have all of this by my doorstep no need for a car! Just walk down the road and there it is!
the countryside is looking wonderful spring at it's best.
Wishing you all a peaceful Sunday!
Stay safe

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