Sunday, 14 February 2016

follow on. Madeira

Among the visitors one could find kings and the aristocracy; scholars and artists, writers and poets; millionaires and famous adventures . They brought with them the outside World- languages never heard before, unknown traditions and attitudes.

And along came the dreams, and the hopes and the despairs that each one brought within himself, Rich people, brought to the island an unusual liveliness opening new perspectives of development. Hotels were promptly  built to English initiative .But there were always people who loved the quintas and they decided to settle in one of them, so that they could stay for a longer period.

To the unmistakable panorama atmosphere  men had imparted to them, taking advantage of the exceptional conditions of nature, the quintas added the atmosphere that little by little human life created for them. This is Quinta das Angustias - perhaps the only one in Madeira that keeps intact the enchantment of a magnificent and painful past, with unpredicted  mutations and a variety of faces- people coming and going-in a restlessness, longing for rest happiness and comfort.

Originally it was called Quinta das Angustias because the chapel is dedicated to our lady of sorrow.
it is believed it was part of a dynasty dating from the seventeenth century. It had successive owners among which Nicolau H. de la Tueliere, who was responsable for important restoration works. At the time, the famous Mirante de D, Guiomar already existed in the estate.

There is nothing extraordinary about its location at the top of the cliff that made it known as a reference point on how to anchor in Funchal Harbour.
It was named after D, Guiomar the lady who lived in the quinta at the time...Also

The Duke of Leuchtenberg, son of Prince Eugene Napoleon and son-in-law of Czar Nicholas I. he came to Madeira wile ill in the hope of rest and rehabilitation- thus bieng the reason for his trip in search of relief in this privileged climate. Tis happened in 1849. One year later he left the island rejuvenated, blessing the moment he headed for Madeira....More to follow.

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