Thursday, 11 February 2016


You might think it strange that at the ripe old age of 65 I am finding things about my Island that I really should've known, you see, I left my Madeira at the age of eighteen years of age and then at that age I really was not thinking about history and so fourth.

So now I am trying to find as much as I can I feel greedy for knowledge, so here it goes I'll try and write something about my beautiful Island although writer I am not.

The other day while walking with friends Collette and Sue in the gardens of the Official Residence of the governor of Madeira which is open to the public, I noticed that the little chapel had its doors open I had been there many times and the doors weren't open or at least I never noticed really lovely inside as we came out saw this man at the entrance of the building, asked him about the church and building when it was built and so on but he was not to sure so I asked about getting a book about the history of the quinta and he told me that I probably get one in town.

A little while later he calls me and hands me a book and say's that I might be able to find what I am looking for in it, so pleased what a lovely gesture.

The Quinta stands by the sea on the cliff facing the port. A grand and luxurious house- the perfect nineteenth century scenery with beautiful tiles on the varanda, which opens wide: a lovely chapel- probably the most important of all the chapels of the madeiran quintas; flowers in profusion, especially camellias and azaleas in a wonderful garden where trees exhibit a beauty which is uncommon even on this island of ancient and rare gigantic plants. To walk on this dark shiny cobble stone pavement which stretches out like waves due to the forever extending roots; to feel the sweetness of the light filtered through the foliage, green and compact throughout the four seasons; to stroll around the mossy paths amongst the flower beds of this sleepy garden.....

How many parties - and tragedies as well- has this country house, so full of romanticism witnessed! If one place is able to concentrat all the ingredients of a small world apart from ordinary life, the Quinta das Angustias is, in Madeira that place- and a sort of sentimental cosmopolitan, which then appeared on the island.

During the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, Madeira was known as ((Land of Hope)) For certain people suffering from either physical or spiritual illnesses. The loversof new horisons found the island so beautiful and different from all the other islands that they always returned, and some even stayed here for good.... I will  be writing a little more another time....

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Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Ana - we never know our homeland properly ... and now you have 'wiser' eyes .. lovely photos - cheers Hilary