Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Back in Silver End walking the Essex way

Back home! but the weather is playing tricks, Yesterday Paula and I had our first walk it was cold but dry. We took the footpath to the old airfield to see what is happening there, you see, we have this going on saga about the terrible incinerator that they want to build in the old Rivenhall airfield, but unfortunately looks like we have lost the battle.

Such a shame so much history being swept away..... Lets hope that its going to be kept in one area so that our beautiful country lanes and footpaths are left alone, fingers crossed on that!!!!
So Paula and I walked on, there was a film of frost on the ground you could just see the sun behind a gossamer of cloud, the birds were there singing, plenty subjects to photograph,

We walk right to the path by the Rivenhal big house and to the old stables a nice surprise awaited us the paddocks had been revamped and had new residents, then we had to go see our faithful swans still in the lake, when they saw us they swam right up to us as if they recognized us. Soon they will be nesting I hope they have better luck this year, last year they only had on fledgling, all the other eggs were left at the forgotten nest .

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