Thursday, 31 March 2016

Walking the Essex way

One more walk another adventure
Our steps takes us to the old airfield where we take the new footpath, as we walk on My friend Paula whispers deer, and there they stood two deer that was a nice surprise...We carry on to the gravel pit the sun was shining and reflecting on the water.

 We keep going and our boots getting very muddy, as we walk on through the footpath.. Birds singing its always a pleasure to be out in the open air, we end up in blue bell wood...As we walk down Paula say's oh Ana its fenced in, you see there is this little bridge that we like to take pictures from, when we walk back out we see a notice that say's Anglia water is working here! so glad that was the reason, we will be able to come again and take our usual pictures as spring unfurls...

On way back home we decide to investigate the back end of the pit by the gravel works...As we are going down through the trees Paula says careful Ana its a bit slippery, this time its Paula that ends on her ass, she leans against a tree and it snaps and down she goes, am sorry to say I just burst out laughing she looked so funny  glad to say that apart from a bruise she's ok pleased that she did not fall in the water.

We took some interesting pictures the rape in the fields is already in flower and we also took some nice pics of Bradwell church from two different positions.... I wonder what tomorrow will bring!

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