Monday, 28 March 2016

Walking the Essex way

Back to walking to our favorite places, although now we are not able to walk along the back lake.
But we found that if we walk on the other side we can still see the swans gliding along, its so magical! We have decided that at least once a month we are going to do a walk out of Silver End.

So last week we went all the way to Tiptree Heath...
Tiptree Heath formed on the sandy gravel ridge left by the last Ice Age. It is a site of Special Scientific interest for its three heather species growing together and a rich variety of widlife.

It is common land, first recorded in 1401. Over the centuries there has been the grazing of cows, sheep and ponies and the local people have made use of its gorse, heather and bracken for household purposes. It features two ponds, a stream and stretches of woodland which enclose nearly 12 hectares of open heathland.

In the summer you can see a range of heathland flowers , dominated by the three heather species Common Ling, Bell Heather and Cross-leaved Heath. It is the sole place in Essex to see Allseed 
and Chaffweed plants.

Among its more unusual visitors or residents are Nightingales, Woodcock, Heath Bee,Dormice,Water Voles, Badgers and Grass Snakes....
It was a little different and it made a change, managed to take a picture of a Jay, was really excited about that.....


  1. Hi Ana - good to see the views and birds ... enjoy those walks - cheers Hilary

  2. Hi Hilary its very kind of you to comment on my writings ...Take care Ana..