Sunday, 17 April 2016

Walking the Essex way

This weekend our village Silver End celebrated its 90th years since Mr Crittall created Silver End, he was a man with a vision. (((We had themes wish starts from 1920 when the village was created)))to now...

We moved here in October 1988 into one of his houses and have lived here ever since, my daughters were 12 and ten years of age not exactly locals but they were born not far from Silver End in St Peters Hospital (Maldon).

In all the years that I have lived here, did not meet or knew hardly anyone, when one works there's not much of a chance to socialize.  Then Five years ago I retired and got myself a laptop and joined the cyber world, and with my friend Paula we took ourselves to walking around our village with our cameras, and by discovering the beauty around us, we started sharing on FB and on our timeline the beauty that surrounds us and thus making new friendships.

Yesterday on the celebrations it was so lovely to see people recognizing us and telling us that they loved our pictures and even though they have lived here all their lives, they did not really know whats out there to be found right on their front door. Such a pleasure to know that we have motivated a lot of people to go out and discover the amazing countryside that is yet underscored and also to put faces to the names that have been commenting all this time on our pictures.....

We have Silver End Appreciation society.
Silver End through the Lents
Photography Essex club
And of course my own timeline where I post all my pictures .


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