Saturday, 9 April 2016

Walking the Essex way

This week we managed to walk the full five day's, the first three day's the weather wasn't brilliant, a little grey, but that did not stop my friend Paula and I enjoying the great outdoors....
Day one walked to the lake from there we take the footpath to Templar's woods, love this woods with the birds chirping away its beautiful, one can imagine a white charger and its rider galloping through the woods, a bit fanciful I know hahaha.

Day two we take the footpath by the white farm and then we turn to John Ray's footpath, we only discovered the footpath a couple of years ago or was it three! So we go into another wood the bluebells are out primroses, Violets you name it they are there its another enchanted wood! fanciful I know!!! but one can dream hahahah.  

Day three we take path next to the old airfield and walk past the gravel works all the way to another lake and another wood this time time we did not go in but did take a few pics of the lake and geese flying by. Did take a picture of a few hare's playing in the field when I uploaded what a surprise what I thought was a hare! was a muntjack, not a very clear picture though.

Day four once again our footsteps takes us to the back lake, it was very misty.. And the sun coming through it was magic, we take a quick look at the front lake too so beautiful..

Day five we stay close to home once again and go visit our lake, a lovely day blue blue skies the swans will be nesting soon, I hope that this year they will be able to hatch all of the eggs, because last year they only had one cygnet the rest of the eggs never hatched...and that was our walks for this week ..

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