Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Walking the Essex way

Last week there was quite an upheaval in our little village, the travelers broke into the old Crittalls site, so everyone was up in arms about it, saying that they did not feel safe, that they were worried for their children safety,

I think that the travelers pay for all the wrongs that happens wherever and whenever they are staying!
Like last year when they broke into the same site the local hairdressers was broke into so of course it had to be the travelers, then it was found out that it was someone from another village nearby....

Anyway this week my friend and i have had a few nice walks the bluebells are coming into flower, we have discovered another wood with a beautiful carpet of bluebells...So now we have to go check on the woods in watery lane... the first woods that we knew there was bluebells, and then hopefully the wild orchids will follow. I just love nature so looking forward the unfolding of spring...


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