Wednesday, 27 July 2016


Why is it that families disband when our children grow up. I thought we were a very close happy family! we used to get together at Christmas and it was one long party with us all together having a merry time....But looks like I was looking through a gossamer lining not really seeing the cracks that must have been there.

Am so sad when I think how things were< and how they are now....Since my younger sister died everything disintegrated. My elder sister decided that she does not need anyone in her life....When asked she say's that shes got her daughters and grand children and that is enough for her...its so sad I couldn't live like that I need my family not just my daughters but I need the rest of my family like Brothers, Sisters, nieces, cousins and of course friends....

I don't understand how all of this has started, but it did soon after my dear sister passed away...I have tried to see if she relents but everytime I ask her to visit she declines.
I feel so hurt that at times its unbearable. But its not all bad the rest of the family still in touch even my Elder sister children are in touch with me and at least once a year they come to visit. (((bless them)))

My once happy family

My lovely brothers.


Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Ana - families are strange creatures ... it sounds like most of the family are still around - I'd enjoy them and relax about your elder sister ... at least you're in touch via her children ... take care - Hilary

ana said...

Bless you Hilary! for your sensible words....Take care - Ana