Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Walking the Essex way

Today we have rain. So no walking for us. Yesterday we were on the hunt for butterfly's and we were not disappointed, now that the blackberries and the thistle are coming into to flower the insects are buzzing, some really strange too.

On Monday my friend Paula and I met up at the top of my road, she says where to today? I answer lets go to watery lane, since we had not been there since the bluebells were in flower. So we set of through the fields the grasses looks amazing so many variety's... And we take the footpath by the old airfield Paula and I loved walking through this old airfield with its meadows covered in wild flowers and apple trees unfortunally we cannot do that any longer it has fallen fowl to the gravel extraction malarkey so that was that, but lucky for us there is a lot more footpaths for us to meander through and enjoy our glorious countryside.

As we carry on with the skylarks for company their singing guiding us to the gravel works, along the way we come across a lake wish resulted out of the removal of the gravel where geese and other birds take refuge, along the bank there is a profusion of grasses and wild flowers with is earthy colours it looks amazing. It gladdens ones eye to look at all this harsh but beautiful horizon.

I always say that it does not mater how many times I walk this way it never ceases to amaze how beautiful this glorious Essex countryside is always something pleasing to photograph....Last year we found early purple, Bee and Pyramid Orchids and this year we were lucky enough to see them again! So beautiful one feels so privileged to witness nature at its best....
Sun reflexion


Bradwell Church

Watery lane.

Early purple orchid

Bee orchid

Pyramid orchid.


Footpath to gravel pit..

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