Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Walking the Essex way

This week the weather has been far to hot! I cannot cope with this heat, one of the reasons why I don't go to the Homeland in the summer is the heat.... Because not only do I have to contend with the heat but also the inner heat, It seems that when the temperature rises so does my power surges.....

Anyway Paula and I take to the footpaths with our legs and arms covered,  hiking boots too.
We make sure that we are well covered otherwise we arrive home covered in scratches we tend to go out of the beating track, sometimes we have to beat a track through the woods, my friend always says think of it as an adventure and I do....

On Monday we walked to the old airfield, looks like we missed the daises but there was plenty other wild flowers to Photograph and butterfly's.... We walked on and climbed the bank wish was created due to the gravel extraction, nature is already claiming it back covered in wild flowers the insects loving it.
On the other side a channel of water is establishing itself it looked like a mini river with the rough banks on other side.

Leaving all this nature behind because we could not linger,  were not supposed to be here but we are intrepid explores  Paula and I, we just love to see what nature has thrown back at us....So we carry on and this time its on the right path, to the Kelvidon road.. The post box has been invaded by bees the local beekeeper was informed by Paula.
It has been a morning full of surprises at the airfield we see a kestrel and on way home a buzzard by then we were on cloud nine.

On Tuesday another walk another adventure, today no walking am meeting with friends for lunch.
Looking forward to tomorrows walk I wonder what we will find!
Airfield that was....


what is left of the old airfield




Water channel



And the lake on way home

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