Sunday, 23 July 2017

Walking the Essex way/ County Kerry

Puck fair! One of many tales of Kerry...
The word Puck really means puc an Irish word for a male goat...County Kerry Puck fair is one of the oldest most traditional gatherings at over 400 hundred years old.
If its to be believed a mountain goat was crowned King. Our bus driver and tour guide Brian was telling us all this tales that I had to go and buy myself some books on the history of the area, and its amazing how I relate to its history. Because you see, in my Homeland we too have very similar fables or even true stories coming down the centuries.

Anyway! The story goes like this. In early August every year a group of people go up in the mountains and catch a wild goat. It is brought back to the town and the Queen Puck, traditionally a young school girl crowns the goat. (((King Puck)))....the King is then placed in a cage and enthroned on a high pedestal  for three days. On the 3rd day of the fair, he is brought down and  he gets taken back to the mountain...

So many tales as how the festival came about....Apparently- Cromwell and his army were on the rampage robbing the people of its valuables in the area and disturbed a herd of goats. A puck goat was separated from the rest of the herd and ran towards Killorglin...He arrived in the town in such a state that the locals knew danger was approaching. They managed to save all of their valuables and stock. The town honours the goat by staging the festival in the second week in August.

I love it! So many stories and superstitions  that has survived  for hundreds of years...

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