Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Walking the Essex way

One thing that worries me is, how long I'll be able to walk on this wonderful countryside...Its been a year since I fractured my leg, and although I am walking I feel that my leg is till not very strong, last night I just could not get to sleep my lower leg was aching so!

The walk on Monday was brilliant! And yesterday we also saw a kingfisher, we had a little of everything the surprises just kept on coming... First we saw two buzzards a little far I know!  but Paula and I still managed to click our cameras... that's in situations like this when we wish we had better cameras.... So we walk on to watery lane, as we walk through the woods we see this clearing covered in Himalayan balsam it looked so lovely, beautiful flowers the bees flying in  and out looking for nectar, then; we spot the banded dragonfly so we get to chase them through the nettles just as well we have long trousers and strong boots! and would you believe it in our excitement we miss two roe deer! OMG.

But as they disappear through the field of wheat far ahead, we see their heads bopping up and down  so we still manage to take a couple of shots with our cameras of course! So feeling very happy! Paula is getting impatient she wants to get back to her writing so we head home but on the way we just cannot help ourselves, and of course we have to photograph a kestrel that was perched on a fence post and the butterfly's just kept on coming! So nearly four hours later we arrive home feeling very happy. I just love my little village
walk starts here

taken at quite a distance

Bee feeding 



Red admiral


Male and female banded dragonfly


Speckled wood 

Roe deer
to be able to have all of this on my very own doorstep, I feel blessed..

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