Saturday, 8 July 2017

Walking the Essex way

Just got back from a little break in County Kerry with friends Collette and Sue.
So much history! On our first day and our first tour was to Ross Castle at the National park where we had a trip on the lake such a big expanse of water, the park covers 10.236 hectars and its combination of mountains and woods lakes and waterfalls gives the area a unique scenic beauty.

The park is famous for its native and natural habitat of yew and oak woods, some are over 200 years old. In 1981 the park was designated a special Area of Conservation, Ireland's only native herd of red deer roam freely throughout the park, I did glimpse a few deer from the boat but it was a little too far to get a good shot. After the boat ride we take a ride on a (((jaunting cairt))) I mean to say horse and cart through the beautiful park....

So now we are back on the bus and on our way for more beautiful scenery's, unfortunally it was not to be, we were met with a very thick mist, we had a couple stops but the scenery was a little sparse.
We stopped by one of the Bog Villages which now is a museum, and we had a well deserved coffee or should I say an Irish coffee! It was very nice too..
The lake in the national park

Ross Castle.

Ross Castle Photo taken from the boat

The big lake at National park

Jaunting cairt.. 

Coffee break


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