Friday, 4 May 2018

Walking the Essex way

Now that the weather is warming up we have great activity in the garden, Hubby is busy destroying it! We are in limbo at the moment, waiting for this licence from the council about an extension of

We decided property its taken since December last year to hear anything!ed that the house needs an extra room now that the family has grown, good idea but at the same time not! Hubby is sending me up the wall he already started pulling things down and his dying to bring down the lovely pergola that I have in the middle of the garden with a grapevine, we still haven't got the darned licence for god's sake.
I had a beautiful clematis, and that is gone same with my bamboo I knew that it had to go, but it is breaking my heart to see it happening.
Am still walking in the mornings and the countryside is looking amazing! The trees with their covering of lovely different shades of green and the hedgerows started to look good too with the Hawthorn flowers, everything looks fresh as if someone with a few paint strokes brought it to life.
Yesterday my friend and I walked for nearly four hours, we were supposed to have a short walk, but with the morning sun we just kept going, of course, we don't just go for a walk we take photos too we get so excited when we spot a deer, am not very good if the subject moves you see I have not a steady hand  I joke with my friend that for me to take a good photo of an animal they have to stay still for me haha.

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