Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Walking the Essex way

My friend and I have once again been walking in the footpaths around our village, some day's we walk for a couple of hours and other day's we just keep going. We tend to lose track of time especially now that the weather is warming up.
No walking for us today though! It is raining and I suppose just as well I really need to rest my foot, last week I've sprained it while walking and yesterday it was aching somewhat so am taking it easy today.
Yesterday we had a great walk first we spot a buzzard, took a pic too, but too far and as we walk on we came across a Hare they don't stay long in one spot but still managed to click the camera before it took off, also saw a muntjac again a little too far! And then to our surprise, we saw a Roe deer so Paula and I drop to our knees so that we won't be too conspicuous and there we stood in awe, of course not forgetting to click our cameras.
We are in our element so far so good we walk on to the lake, the residing swans are nesting let's hope they'll have better luck this year, last year they started with seven cygnets and ended up with just one, and even that one seemed to have disappeared so fingers crossed.
As we move one we decide to go into the wood next to the lake there is a lot of trees laying down with exposed roots by the water edge it looks almost Jurassic! Yes, Paula and I like to fantasise (((lol))) saw a baby squirrel it was so funny as he was climbing up the tree he falls in the water.
Now we have been walking and taking pictures for three hours so its time to head back home but as usual, there is always something else that attracts our attention, like a dragonfly and other insects!
So four hours later I arrive home dragging my feet. Just as well no walking for us today.

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