Saturday, 19 May 2018

Walking the Essex way

I don't feel very well!  Yesterday I felt so cold and so sad I just don't know why I felt so sad, I have my daughters and my little darling and I should feel happy enough but I miss my family my sisters we are all separated either by distance or by other problems and I feel that I am living in limbo.
My elder sister for some reason distanced herself from the rest of the family she says that she has her family but are we, not family also! I just don't understand her way of thinking.
Now I hear that she has had a stroke while visiting her daughter in Washington, life is so short and I feel that we have lost so much time being apart, I wonder if she feels the same way.
My friend and I walk through the footpaths of Essex way, and while am doing that I don't think much about what I have lost.... Then I hear that my sister had a stroke and all the sadness that I feel comes to the forefront.   

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