Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Walking the Essex way

The heat has been unbearable my friend and I still do our walks early in the morning, it is always a little cooler when we start, we tend to meet up at 6am so that we can be back home by 9am.
Last week I was very unlucky would you believe it a dog bit me. lol and the owner did not even bat an eyelid he just called the dog and went on his way, even when my friend shouted at him that his dog had bitten me so that same day I end up at the Doctors for a Tetanus injection and a course of antibiotics.
Then two days later in my garden while watering my plants I get bitten once again, this time from a tinny little beetle, and yes once again the next day back at the Doctors with a swollen arm.
They say that these things happen in threes so now am waiting with bated breath for the next mishap.

I can't believe that I've agreed to go to the old Homeland in August for the whole month it's the height of the summer and I know am going to suffer from the heat what with my power surges and all, but it will be nice to see my friends from Canada and of course my cousin and her husband will be there too.....


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