Saturday, 28 July 2018

Walking the Essex way

Jully has been very hot, and according to the weather forecast, August is going to be just as hot.
When walking through the countryside one can see the wheat and the barely was quickly ripening much too early due to the lack of rain, and it's very unusual for the harvest to be this early, already the harvest has started the machinery are awesome, I just love to look at that expanse of gold. The heat has been intense reaching highs of 35centigrads or more the garden has been suffering somewhat.

The last time I remember temperatures like this were in June 1976 when I was expecting my first child, and I just cannot cope with all this heat. When one is young its lovely seating and catching the rays, and getting a deep tan I remember when going back to the old homeland my Island, my Madeira, the place where I was bourne that's what I used to do but now with inner heat as well I just find it difficult to cope with all this water that my body is producing.

Now we are going into August and once again I'll be going to the old homeland, unusual for me I tend to go in the winter when we have milder temperatures, I like to be here in the summer to tend to my garden and the few vegetables that I like to grow, but this year I and a few friends are meeting up in Madeira for a get together really looking forward to seeing them even though I'll be pouring water like a waterfall (((LOL))) I must be mad but hey ho it'll be worthed I hope!

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