Sunday, 7 April 2019

Walking the Essex way

It has been a while since I've posted, I have been on my walks as usual and the family are good that Is my girls and my little darling. Of course Hubby is going strong still full of ideas! But he is not prepared to listen or accept that he is not always right, anything that he does not agree with he refuses to discuss any further! it infuriates me no end, we have been married 48 years and I'd like to say those years were very happy! And they were, as long I let him take the decisions and agreed with everything... Like the time in 1983 when some friends of us decided to sell up and move back to their homeland, that got hubby thinking that he wanted to do the same, I was not keen on the idea and we had many arguments I loved my life the way it was LOL

I was very happy living here in the UK  and did not want to go back, of course he did not like that at all. So after many arguments he wears me down and in the end I agree.
We sell up and off I go with my two girls, I arrive in Madeira my homeland witch I had left at the age of eighteen. My Mother and my sister were very happy to have us back in their lives and so was I, but it was very hard to start with, had to enroll the girls in the local school and sort out the house and had to do it all by myself, the first year it was very hard the girls hated and I missed my life in Essex.

 Oh and hubby was still in Essex working trying to save a little more so that he could buy a little business but with sending us money for us to live on, it was not working and the one year or so turned into four years. By then the girls and I got used to it, and life in Madeira was good I had my Mum and my Sister also made some friends so the last thing in my mind was to go back to Essex.

Then a letter arrives Hubby has decided that he wants us to go back! Of course the girls don't want to, they loved living In Madeira they had made friends and to be honest I was not keen on the idea too, but once again I go along with his decision even though I was not happy, after saying goodbye to my family once again I arrive in the UK. Am happy to say living here in Essex is great.


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