Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Walking the Essex way

On Monday my little darling came to stay, she is growing fast and she cannot seat  still for very long, as soon she arrives wants to go in the garden then she bounces in and says can we go to the park!
So I decide to take Jaylee on a little walk to one of my favorite lakes to see the ducks and swans so I find a crust of bread and a few cabbage leafs and off we go, of course she keeps asking are we there yet? It took me back to when my girls were little when we used to drive to Portugal through France and Spain, every time they got a glimpse of the sea they used to ask are we there yet?
Anyway we get to lake and Jaylee is happy feeding the ducks Of course the swans were there and the ducks did not have much of a chance to get to the bread the swans got there first I also took some sheared cabbage but they did not go for it, I wonder why!

After a little while Jaylee has had enough and she says I want to go the park now! So off we go but first we stop at the chemist to collect Tita Elsa's medication then she say's with a happy smile! Now we go to the park, she rushes to get to the frame and for the first time she manages to get through all the rings to the other side it was a joy to see her pride saying, I did it I did it. After that she was quite happy to leave the park. As we are walking along she says when I see Tita Elsa she gives me chocolate and I answer she might not have any today, she thinks then she says she always has them in the fridge! Guess what! she was right and she did get her chocolate lucky girl hahah.

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