Saturday, 13 April 2019

Walking the Essex way

This week I did not do much walking apart from the little walk with my little darling. My walking partner Paula had to prepare for the goth festival, and with her editing her novel too so no walk for us this week  might've been a good thing for me though, my foot does need a rest, it is still not right so a rest might do me some good!!!
Saturday was a busy day what with shopping with Sis! last week she bought some bedding plants but  to the precarious weather that we are having most of them were damaged by the frost so yesterday she bought so more, now shes's going to wait until after Easter hopefully she'll have better luck this time. Yesterday Jennifer stopped by after swimming with little Jaylee to pick up the Easter eggs and while we were having a snack the heavens opened and it hailed for a good 3 minutes not surprised it was a very cold morning while we were out shopping.
Oh I do hope that the weather is going to improve next weekend, a group of us are going away for the Easter weekend so a little sunshine would be good.
 Oh my mind is a little fogged can't think of much else! speak soon I hope.... In the meantime a few flowers of spring taken on my walks through our amazing countryside.

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