Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Walking the Essex way

 Yes here I am once again talking to you Mr facebook,at this ungodly hour sad I know but when the world sleeps I only have you for company!
Yesterday was a nothing day, am feeling a little confused its like a magic show now you see me and then you don't I think I better practice my act it might get better as the week goes on. LOL This building lark is leaving me spent the shower room is taking longer to fit than the build itself.....

Today things are looking up my little darling is coming to spend the day with me or should I say with us Sis Elsa has been keeping me company while Hubby is away for a few days, he'll be arriving back today and boy am I glad! He can take over I have had enough.

I have been missing my walks, but now that hubby will be here I can go and resume my walks, see whats new around the lakes and countryside my camera has been seating idle and feeling neglected poor thing, on my last walk I only went and lost the cover from my eye piece now the camera looks a little odd!

 But still works thank goodness I would be lost without it....
Have a lovely day my friends

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