Tuesday, 1 October 2019

Walking the Essex way

Wild life is a must see! walking through the footpaths one never is disappointed there is always something to point the camera and shoot. A dainty wild flower a colorful hedge a deer muntjack or hare
I feel so privileged to be able to walk through the countryside which is right by my door no need for a car when one has all of this nature at ones finger tips.
My Friend Paula and I walk through the seasons and we witness the waking up of each season its like a miracle one minute the trees are so colorful with orange rust reds! Autumn has arrived with a golden carpet underfoot. Then we go into winter wet cold or even snow and before you know it, spring arrives the trees and the hedges unfurling their buds, dog roses adorning the footpaths stretching their arms far and wide, The miracle of nature never ceases to amaze me....Ah better not forget Summer! Hot summer days working in the garden sowing planting of course it is a lot of work with the weeding and watering but then there is the harvesting of all the yummy vegetables fruit and herbs, I'd say well worth all that labor.
And we have come full circle once again here we are Autumn.
ack hares taking flight as soon we have a glimpse them, My friend Paula and I get so excited that I find myself holding my breath watching them running, that at times I even forget to raise my camera to take a picture.
I want you to find a reason
to smile today.....

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