Thursday, 24 October 2019

Walking the Essex way

We are once again arriving at that time of the year! Yes I am talking about Christmas!!!! Time for shopping, decorating with lovely colors,kissing under the mistletoe  And the smell of baking, the house smelling of spices.
Another four weeks and I'll be starting my Christmas baking and going down memory lane once again, back to my homeland and my childhood remembering mama baking the cookies, cakes, the house smelling heavenly with the scent of exotic spices cinnamon ginger nutmeg and black treacle oh yes it was all so magical....
First Mama baked the cookies remember rolling then into little balls and placing them on trays ready to be baked, then there was the cakes Mama measuring the ingredients into a big basin no electric mixers like i use Mama did it all by hand.
Once again the smell of baking and you could smell it for miles, because every house in the neighborhood was doing the same, preparing for Christmas.......
Now its my turn and it gives me lots of pleasure to keep the tradition going i know that my girls, my little darling and their cousins love my cookies they remember when ((Vovo)) .ie Nana, used to make them! And it gives me great pleasure to send my little parcels of memories to my family.
Take care my family, friends. Love you all

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