Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Walking the Essex way

Had a good nights sleeps but woken up with a fuzzy head, I think I have been grinding my teeth again! Yesterday paid a visit to my dentist for a check up and he asked me if I had been grinding my teeth?
I never thought that the reason I wake up some days with a fuzzy head and too early, could be due to all that work that I do during the night like clenching my jaw so hard that I am wearing my teeth out.
At least today I have woken up at a reasonable time six o’clock. 
Yes much better now waiting for day light so that I can meet up with my friend for our usual walk pending on the weather of course!
Now that the winter has set in with the rain and the ice we tend to have fewer weekly walks there was a time when we walked in all weathers at times getting drenched we arrived back home so cold that my skin felt lumpy and frozen, but at the same time one felt so invigorating being out there as one with nature.


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