Monday, 18 November 2019

Walking the Essex way

OMG! What a night feeling absolutely waked! I have climbed a mountain 
I have walked for miles first I was back in the Homeland my Island where I grew up, walking to the highest peek! Confused? Yes me too!

I have done that walk in my twenties not sure if I could do it these day's!
Then I find myself back in my little corner of Essex way walking through the countryside,and what an amazing walk! The colors so vibrant Autumn my favorite season, the trees and hedges looking awesome.

Then find myself on the move again, am walking and its very cold all this snow! where am I?
Am shivering I cannot find my way out, am in a freezing tunnel I start panicking then I see a light I start walking but not getting any closer am so tired! Then I wake up! Thank goodness it was all a dream.......

1 comment:

Paula RC said...

Cold out today! Make sure you wrap up warm.